Ahoy… From the Commodore

Thank you to all of you who attended last week’s Commodore’s Ball! We had a great night, despite the frustration of announcing our setback at the hands of the court earlier in the day. For those of you that were not able to attend, you’re in need of some updated information. First, the presiding judge denied all of our motions for consideration on the injunction. We obviously vehemently disagree with his ruling and were even more disappointed to learn from him that his wife is a member of the Auxiliary and he has been to Post 291 on multiple occasions. It is our opinion that this presented a clear conflict of interest, and we filed a motion of disqualification later that day, on Friday Jan. 18. The judge has 10 days to respond to that, and we are now waiting on that decision.

From a legal perspective, if the judge is disqualified, the clock is reset, a new judge will be assigned and will hear our injunction motion. But, if he is not disqualified, our next step is to file an emergency writ with the Court of Appeals. This process will take a few weeks, but it is a necessary step if we want to ensure we are fairly heard on the injunction request. The appeals court is there to correct errors of law, and we believe that is what we have experienced. The reason the injunction is important is it would immediately restore our rightful facility usage arrangement we have had with Post 291. It also would stop their process of trying to form a competing yacht club to drive ALYC out of business.

Many of you received the Post 291 letter that they are forming a new yacht club at the Post called “Veteran’s 291 Yacht Club.” This is obviously incredibly confusing to all of you, but the bottom line is Post 291 is attempting to terminate ALYC and replace us with a newly formed club. It is our intent to continue as we have, as The American Legion Yacht Club, and work to restore our affiliation with Post 291. When we can restore the alliance with Post 291 is an open question. We are attempting to resolve this through the courts, by following the motion passed by all of you that directs the board to pursue legal action. We continue to do this, working on it daily. The legal process can be long, it’s certainly a rollercoaster of success, setbacks, and emotions, but we are determined to stay the course.

In the meantime, ALYC is alive and well and has started our 2019 calendar of events, all of which are loaded on our web site. We just had the Commodore’s Ball, and we are co-hosting the Midwinter Regatta Feb 15-16. We are committed to our full racing calendar this year, including the weekly Sundowners Series. Our next General Membership is coming February 7, with our very own Neil Hardin presenting on his trip this year in the South Pacific. We are still working on a location, but that will be confirmed shortly.

If you have renewed your membership, we have a season of yachting and events ahead. Our challenge is facilities for our larger membership. For each event where we need facilities, we are working on those in advance to make arrangements with local clubs. For on water activities, your board and our volunteers are energized and committed to organizing fun events for all of us to get together and enjoy the benefits of our unique club.

If you are a registered skipper on our club sailboats, our sailboats are open and available for check-out at Post 291. The boats’ location is a matter tied to the legal dispute, but for now, we have paid the slip fees and they are there and available so feel free to check them out and enjoy. Valor is getting a couple of routine maintenance items managed and will be ready for our spring events.

Reciprocity is another open point, and we are working club by club to ensure we have our agreement in place with each club we normally have reciprocity with in our area. If you plan to visit a club, check with the club before your visit or feel free to email or call us and we will check for you ahead of time.

More than 50% of you have renewed your membership, and typically by this time we have about 80% renewed. We anticipated we would have some falloff and are very happy that we’ve maintained nearly 500 members. We certainly understand if you’re confused on what to do, but please rest assured that we are committed to providing activities for you this year to get the value out of your membership. Combined with reciprocity and access to our club’s boats, we hope you’ll stay with us as we continue navigating these challenged seas. We remain confident in our course and we are resolute in our desire to maintain the proud traditions of the American Legion Yacht Club.


Bruce Batcheller

2019 Commodore

American Legion Yacht Club


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